I have a deep passion for helping people and animals heal.

I started chiropractic college after a long career in education. I graduated from the University of Iowa with an education degree and a Master's from Western Illinois University. As a second career, I felt it was time to pursue my passion and my gift.

During chiropractic college, in addition to the curriculum, I studied neurological and biophysics techniques. I fell in love with chiropractic neurology and its unique approach to treating neurological conditions. Over the course of my career, I have found that these approaches are very effective at treating both neurological, and sports injury conditions.

I have found that my unique evaluation and observation skills help me see the bigger picture and find the underlying causes of your health conditions. My treatments are unique and effective in getting you better much more quickly than traditional approaches.

In the year 2000, I discovered the amazing applications for cold laser therapy. My experience with cold laser has enhanced my ability to treat difficult neurological cases. The cold laser therapy has morphed from a point and shoot treatment over the pain area to encompass active therapy techniques. Muscle activation is the foundation to sports injury, back and neck pain along with promoting joint support and most importantly unwinding bad patterns.



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