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Traditional chiropractic relies on adjustments to specific spinal segments. The vertebral movement frees up nerve support to associated muscles and organs.

My treatment protocols not only change the spinal segments, but also its supporting structures. Muscle activation is the hallmark of reinforcement for correction of posture. Muscle activation will “turn on” muscles which may have been de-activated from trauma, overuse, or other types of injuries. Chronic

de-activation of muscles creates compensation patterns that are often years in the making. 


When the brain to carves alternative paths in the event of a brain injury. This process in the brain is like taking a detour around construction for a length of time until it becomes a habit.

Cold Laser Therapy

This small, hand held device uses low levels of energy, or photons, to penetrate deep into the skin, triggering chemical changes that help damaged cells and tissues heal and regrow. 

Animal Chiropractic

Animals with a biomechanical or neurologic condition benefit the most from a chiropractic adjustment. As with humans, you will see an improvement in their mobility, pain levels and  overall health and wellness.

Functional Neurology

The primary focus of functional neurology is to support, treat , and restore the optimal function of the brain and nervous system. Through laser stimulation, the brain and the nervous system become malleable and change. .

Sports Rehabilitation

 Identification of the root problem instead of chasing symptoms or pain. This treatment is for acute and chronic conditions, treating the region of the problem, which may not be the area of the pain or injury.

Souder Chiropractic

Functional Neurology Laser Therapy for the Mind and Body

Chiropractic Services

We incorporate traditional chiropractic adjustments with alternative treatments including muscle activation and neuroplasticity (building new brain pathways). Our protocols address chronic pain, scar tissue, and tendon support

How is Dr. Vicki, DC, MS, Different?

Dr. Vicki Souder, DC, MS

The re-activation process is called unwinding and will change in 1 -2 treatments with most patients. If therapy is performed while the muscles are de-activated, it will make the condition often worse. This is why exercise programs make the condition worse. It further causes more strain which will add another layer of complication to the condition.

These treatments will also change tendon and ligament support that is imperative to make significant postural change, especially long-term permanent change. In addition, these protocols will also address scar tissue adhesions, which not only affect posture but also can be a source of chronic pain.

The other aspect of our practice focuses on animal chiropractic therapy. Just about any animal species of any age can receive a chiropractic adjustment. (We do not treat cats.) In dog, things like not wanting to jump or play, running at an angle, or being less active can indicate that something is out of alignment. In horses, an uneven gait, resisting the bridle, poor performance, or bucking under tack can indicate a need for a visit.  Call today to talk about your animals behavior to see if you need to book a mobile appointment, or bring them into the office.



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